Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton share a moment in And So it Goes.

The Equalizer (K16)

Time for some lunk-headed action fun, then, after the tepid, reserved violence of The Expendables 3 earlier this summer. Here Denzel Washington stars in a reboot of the ‘80s TV show centered on an ex-government agent who lends a helping hand to those in need. Teaming up with Training Day director Antoine Fuqua, Washington continues to keep one foot equality in both serious thespian and action cheese territories. Regardless of the end result he is always a magnetic screen presence. While Fuqua’s career has had its ups and downs, expectations are relatively high for this latest outing.

Premieres 26 September

Gone Girl (K16)

Master director David Fincher follows up the moderate success that was The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo with another adaptation. Here Gillian Flynn’s bestseller follows the exploits of Ben Affleck whose wife vanishes on their fifth wedding anniversary. Soon he becomes the prime suspect in her disappearance, as things increasingly are not what they appear to be. Any film from Fincher is worth a look, and this promises to be no exception. Early word from the festival circuit has been overwhelmingly positive. Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor is once again on soundtrack duties, teaming up with regular cohort Atticus Ross for what promises to be another superb score.

Premieres 3 October

Boyhood (K12)

Richard Linklater’s latest is some 12 years on the making, as the director, cast and crew set aside a few days each year to chart the growth of a family in real time. A coming-of-age drama, here we follow a boy named Mason (nexcomer Ellar Coltrane) as he progresses from the age of six to 18. Coming face-to-face with such universal life scenarios such as dealing with his parents’ divorce and the arrival of seemingly impossible step-parents, Mason also falls in love, seaches for his artistic voice and butts heads with his older sister. The film comfortably resides at the top of many critics’ best-of lists for this year. Linklater again teams up with Ethan Hawke, as the father of the family, and Patricia Arquette co-stars as Mason’s mother.

Premieres 10 October

And So It Goes

“Whatever happened to director Rob Reiner?” you may ask. Well, after the pioneering likes of This is Spinal Tap and The Princess Bride, his 21st century output has been patchy at best. Actually, scratch that – it has been hugely disappointing. Hoping to make amends, here Michael Douglas’ self-centered real-estate agent receives a whopping surprise when his estranged son lobs on his doorstep, armed with the granddaughter he’s never known. What was already initially a significant enough shock is soon amplified by the fact that Douglas has to take care of the young girl. Cue hijinks. While a tired premise doesn’t sound too promising, the always-watchable Diane Keaton is also set make an appearance. Hopefully a few chuckles rear their head also.

Premieres 24 October

Image: Clay Enos