Jake Gyllenhaal comes to grips with his unhinged self in Nightcrawler.

Nightcrawler (K16)

It’s been a little while since we have had an unhinged character onscreen to rival Taxi Driver’s Travis Bickle. Offering up his best shot at the title, Jake Gyllenhaal bravely steps up to the plate. And in true de Niro style, he has dramatically altered his appearance as Lou, shedding weight to the extent that his performance demands to be taken seriously. So, let’s give him our best shot in a film that resides in the darkness of Los Angeles. Inspired by the antics of cameraman Bill Paxton (himself enjoying a welcome return to the limelight in recent times), soon Lou has both a police scanner and a camera in his possession, and sets about gathering video footage for a local news broadcaster. However, when our man Lou arrives to the scene of a deadly home invasion in an affluent neighbourhood before the cops show up, soon the footage he captures has piqued the interest of a pair of homicide detectives.

Premieres 31 October

Interstellar (K12)

Christopher Nolan returns behind the camera, after the staggeringly successful Batman trilogy – and the blockbusting innovations of Inception – tickled the fancies of both critics and filmgoers around the world. Here we are gifted with a sci-fi that is based on the theories of physicist Kip Thorne, surrounding inter-dimensional travel. Teaming up with his brother Jonathan to formulate the story, Nolan also set about assembling a top-shelf cast. Continuing with his McConaissance after his well-deserved Oscar for Dallas Buyer’s Club (and excelling in True Detective), Matthew McConaughey takes the lead role. With Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chatain providing excellent support, viewers can anticipate a trip worth taking.

Premieres 7 November

Two Days, One Night

The Dardenne brothers make their return after the excellent Kid With a Bike. Their latest tells the tale of Sandra (Marion Cotillard), a young Belgian mother who discovers that her workmates have opted for a significant pay bonus, in exchange for her dismissal. With only the weekend up her sleeve to change their minds, Sandra must find a way to convince them to let her keep her job. But will they be willing to forego their sizeable booty? Highly acclaimed, the film arrives after a successful screening at the Helsinki International Film festival back in September.

Premieres 21 November

The Judge (K7)

It seems an eternity since Robert Downey Jr. has been seen in a film that didn’t involve him smirking smugly while stepping in and out of a metallic suit – saving the world in the process. Promisingly, here he plays an urban lawyer who heads back to his rural home when his father (Robert Duvall), a judge, is implicated as a murder suspect. But, hold your horses for a moment, a closer look at the resume of director David Dobkin and things begin unravelling slightly. Last seen helming ho-hum comedy The Change-Up, Dobkins filmography is redeemed somewhat by his directorial work with the very funny Wedding Crashers. But that was nearly ten years ago. Nonetheless, things look promising here, as he brings together some interesting names that include Vera Farmiga, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Billy Bob Thornton.

Premieres 28 November