The Hangover Part III

Although the second instalment of the franchise saw the guys quite literally repeating the formula by heading down to Bangkok for a spot of retracing their steps after another night out on the tiles, the third instalment arrives with the promise of a premise that might thankfully be a little more removed from the previous two. Surprisingly for a film of this stature, not much is really known about it contents thus far.

What’s on at the cinema over the coming weeks.

Broken City

Bringing together two of Hollywood’s more notable alpha males, Russell Crowe and Mark Wahlberg, Wahlberg’s New York City private eye gets more than he bargained for when he is contacted by the local major. Setting out to uncover if Mrs Mayor (Catherine Zeta Jones) is having an affair, the storyline can’t help but revel in parallels with the classic Chinatown, as Wahlberg uncovers all manner of shifty goings on leading all the way to the top.
Premiere 26 April


When isn’t a perfect time for a new James Bond flick? Especially one with Daniel Craig! Hoping to erase the memory of the relentless brutality of Quantum of Solace, here Craig finds himself a new adversary in Javier Bardem, the latest in a long line of bad guys to go head-to-head with 007. With Bond missing and presumed dead, the identities of every active undercover MI6 agent are leaked onto the internet, bringing into question the honesty of M. With director Sam Mendes at the helm, this latest effort promises a return to form, with positive press accolades already quickly mounting.

Premieres 26 October

ONCE upon a time Finland’s rich oral tradition served as a primary source of entertainment and edification among the people here. Not so today, as the global storytelling revival seems to have sidestepped this country. “The storytelling scene in Finland is still taking baby steps,” according to professional storyteller Markus Luukkonen.

Killer Joe
Finally leaving the naff rom-coms in his dust, Matthew McConaughey has embraced his inner thespian in recent times, turning in a number of strong performances. Here, with the help of William Friedkin (the director of The Exorcist and The French Connection), McConaughey portrays a hired killer employed by a desperate Emile Hirsch who decides to have his mother rubbed out in order to pay off his debts. Touted as “a totally twisted deep fried Texas redneck trailer park murder story”, advance word has been very positive.
Premieres 28 September