InFamous: Second Son (PS4)

Perhaps unsurprisingly the first thing you notice about this title is how darn good it looks. The power of the PS4 is really pimped out with spectacular lighting effects and beautiful destruction. But the visuals don’t hide a weak story or characters – both of these aspects of the game are fully fleshed out and although it’s not the longest title ever (you’ll probably finish it in 10-12 hours) there is some replay value.

At least this virtual Seattle offers plenty of eye candy and it never gets truly boring exploring the environment. As your character’s power sets get upgraded and you switch between various abilities it’s impossible not to feel like an ultimate superhero badass. On the other hand the morality system is rather over-simplistic and nonsensical in the context of the story and characters. Overall, it’s a very enjoyable title and a fine advert for the PS4. 8.5/10


Nick Barlow