Writing a review of Minecraft seems almost pointless. By now this behemoth of a game (35 million copies sold across all formats) will either have captured your imagination or you just can’t see what all the fuss is about.

It is the ultimate sandbox game. You’re given an open landscape and some building tools and left, essentially, to your own devices. This absence of a plot or any apparent objectives is what can make this game tricky to get into.

I have to admit, after spending 5-6 hours building a not-very-good evil scientist’s lair, I was still thinking, ‘but what should I do? And what’s the point?’ I’m prepared to admit that the fault lies with me – tens of millions of other gamers can’t be wrong, right? There are two game modes: creative just lets you build whatever you want with almost infinite resources; survival mode seems to be more popular as the gamer must relive their survivalist fantasies, foraging for food and protecting herself from nightly horrors.

There’s a real sense of accomplishment as your grand estate takes shape, and the PS3 version is highly simplified making it very easy to get into, albeit with a slightly reduced map size. Maybe the best thing about the game is how different it is from everything else, and you can’t go far wrong creating a Lego-like world (although you can certainly spend a long time doing it). 8/10

Nick Barlow