Coming from a family of artists, Ibrahim Maalouf has created his own style, combining sounds and techniques from different cultures. Recently seen in Finland as a part of his current tour for his latest release, Wind, the Paris-based trumpeter sat down with us to talk about music, multiculturalism and his admiration for Finland and the Scandinavian repertoire.

Man of Steel

Just in case you were feeling a shortage of superheroes on your silver screen, Wednesday 26 June sees the latest in along line of franchise reboots, as Henry Cavill steps into the caped suit of Superman in Man of Steel. After the most recent revisiting of the character, 2006’s coolly received yet still impressive Superman Returns, here the iconic superhero is updated for 2013 audiences, has his back story retold and, most surprisingly, has his habit of wearing his smalls over his tights done away with.
Premieres 26 June

The Hangover Part III

Although the second instalment of the franchise saw the guys quite literally repeating the formula by heading down to Bangkok for a spot of retracing their steps after another night out on the tiles, the third instalment arrives with the promise of a premise that might thankfully be a little more removed from the previous two. Surprisingly for a film of this stature, not much is really known about it contents thus far.

What’s on at the cinema over the coming weeks.

Broken City

Bringing together two of Hollywood’s more notable alpha males, Russell Crowe and Mark Wahlberg, Wahlberg’s New York City private eye gets more than he bargained for when he is contacted by the local major. Setting out to uncover if Mrs Mayor (Catherine Zeta Jones) is having an affair, the storyline can’t help but revel in parallels with the classic Chinatown, as Wahlberg uncovers all manner of shifty goings on leading all the way to the top.
Premiere 26 April

The World Village Festival is due to take over Helsinki’s city centre in May, and this year’s theme is human rights in East and South-East Asia, promoting tolerance, multiculturalism and other issues of global importance. Founded in 1995, the festival has become the largest multicultural festival in Finland, attracting around 100,000 visitors in 2012, along with performers from both Finland and around the world.