Who runs it?

The Finnish Association for Mental Health (FAMH).

What’s it about?

The OVI-project extends FAHM’s services to accommodate the growing immigrant community in Helsinki. The goal is to inform and educate immigrant organisations on mental health issues and where to go for help and support, says project planner Jouni Saarelainen.

How does it work?

Weekly general knowledge theme discussions are open to everyone. Participants can discuss topics like emotional issues, mental well-being, depression, crisis and mental disorders, and find out where to get help. A more advanced themed discussion, “First aid course for mental health,” lasts about 14 hours and is usually organised once a month.

The project’s website and general knowledge events are at the moment only available in Finnish, but participants are encouraged to bring interpreters. Later this year FAMH plans to publish information material in various languages, such as English, Kurdish/Sorani, Russian, and Somali.

Partner organisations

The OVI project is run in cooperation with Berden, Irakin Työllistämisyhdistys (IRTY), Monika-Naiset liitto, Finnish association of Russian-speakers (FARO) and Suomen Somaliliitto.

How to get involved?

To sign up, visit www.mielenterveysseura.fi

Liisa Sahamies