Oogie Bae

In this new series 6D gets to know what it’s like to be a regular immigrant in Finland.

Originally all the way from South Korea, Oogie Bae shares her thoughts about living in Finland…

What do you do here in Finland?

I am taking Finnish language classes full time and looking after my four-year-old son when he is not at day care.

How and when did you end up in Finland?

My family and I moved from the U.S. to Espoo for 10 months for my husband’s job in September 2011 but we liked it here so much that we decided we wanted to stay. He applied for a more permanent job and it worked out well.

What attracts you about the Finnish culture?

I really like that, regardless of their social status, generation or gender, Finns seem to have very high ethical standards. The Finns are also very honest, as I found out first hand when I left my handbag on the beach near Helsinki and had to call the maintenance office in a panic to report it. They found my bag and sent it back to me on the next boat – nobody had touched it and everything was still there.

What culture shock did you have when coming to Finland?

It was strange to get used to our neighbours seeming very shy and not making eye contact or smiling when we passed each other by.

Have you been able to settle and integrate into Finnish society?

Not yet, but these things take time and I’m learning the language and trying to integrate.

Do you have any worries about living here?

My only worry is that, by the time we are settled and integrated here, my husband’s work contract will expire and we might have to leave.

What are your future hopes and wishes for your life in Finland?

That we are able to stay here and make a good and happy life.

What is your favourite word in Finnish?

Tottakai (of course).

Beth Morton