How the internet generation is changing the education landscape.

The race in technology advancement and our growing reliability on the internet has allowed pupils worldwide to expand their education base. Encouraging isolated learning and web exploration of this kind has become the norm in educational development, but websites such as have taken this idea one gigantic step further.

Keeping up with a rapidly evolving musical landscape.

THE music industry is in transiton. The CD appears to be outdated. The vinyl record may be resurrected but is likely to remain the format of the avid collector. Music downloads are increasing but hardly sufficiently to compensate for the modest sales of physical formats – much less to eradicate illegal downloading. And streaming, admittedly with great potential, is only just discovering itself. Certainly, it appears, digital distribution is the inevitable future.

It’s not always easy being an outsider in a country as homogenous as Finland, but volunteering can help foreigners find the inside track in their new homeland.

Joseph Knowles Marmaris is a small but bustling port on the south-western coast of Turkey, known since the days of Herodotus for its ancient castle, in modern times as a convivial resort town thriving on local wines, hand-woven carpets, and hot, bright sunshine. It doesn’t have a whole lot in common with the snowy expanses of Oulu.

With an increasing amount of people becoming more aware of the environmental impact their purchasing habits have, the popularity of eco-products is growing.

“REDUCE, reuse, recycle”. This is one way of expressing, in an easily understandable manner, the things all of us can do if we want to live ecologically responsible lives. However, regardless of how much reducing, reusing and recycling we do, there are certain things that have to be bought.

The straight edge philosophy and the drug-free alternative it offers.

THE CONCEPT of straight edge, a musically inspired stand against drug use that originated in the US, has been around for almost 30 years. It rose to prominence in Finland in the ‘90s before quickly exiting the stage but continues to inspire numerous people both here and around the world.

The phrase “straight edge” is a relatively well-known one in Finland, at least among its youth. However, many people possess little more than a superficial awareness of it having something...