OUT of all the places in Helsinki, where would you think mums go out to celebrate? Your first pick is likely to be far from DTM, aka Don’t Tell Mama ­– a nightclub proud to be the largest combination of Gay Café, Disco and Night Club in Scandinavia. This, however, is exactly where a Europe-wide happening in celebration of Mother’s Day will take place. The event here in Finland is put together by the Family Federation (Väestöliitto), a social and health sector organisation that works with families and youths, including sexual minority families as one important part of its services.

The location of the event is thus no coincidence. ”DTM is a great venue for the event, but it’s also a brilliant way to point out that there are all kinds of mothers, and that a family doesn’t necessarily equal a husband, a wife and two children,” says Sini Karusto of the Family Federation.

Sat 8 May
Mother’s Night
DTM, Iso Roobertinkatu 28

Mother’s Night at DTM features performances by Johanna Kurkela and Suvi Isotalo, information on motherhood and an Afro Dance show. On top of this, the event carries a good cause. The profits will land in the helpful hands of Kapua aid organisation, and will be used to raise awareness of maternal health in Malawi.

Petra Nyman