Learning the Finnish they don’t teach in school
David Brown with Tarja Jolma

Laatata, yrjötä (verb)

English equivalent: (literally) to tile, to george

Example of usage:

- Miten treffit meni?

- Tosi huonosti. Mä otin pari shottia liikaa ja yrjösin mun deitin syliin. Siis kauheeta!

- How was your date?

- Not so great, I had too many shots and puked in my date’s lap. So gross!

Finnish is as much a market leader in drinking terminology as it is in mobile communications, and students of the language need a good knowledge of terms to describe alcohol-induced illness before setting out to drink the town dry. To tile - the origins of the term will be apparent to anyone who has ever woken up on the bathroom floor at Molly Malone’s - is an excellent beginner’s choice, and may be used in any social situation. The word yrjötä requires some pronunciation practice, but say it loudly enough and the etymology should become abundantly and colourfully clear.

David Brown with Tarja Jolma