Wearing whatever you want has never been so hot

FROM haute couture to canine couture, just when you thought you’d seen it all, along comes comfy-couture. Leading the revolution is Kotihousut. Hailed as an indoor “Hel-Looks”, the home-couture blog showcases the clothes you wear when no one’s watching.

Non-statements become statements in this new fashion democracy, with an invitation to send your own photo plus a short text to model your abode-attire choices. Whether it’s a serious attempt to challenge conventional thought about fashion or more tongue-in-cheek, poking fun at fashion victims, Kotihousut is reflecting the zeitgeist.

Aside from the cornerstone of comfy-couture being, well, comfort, there’s a definite penchant for woolly socks with a hint of (albeit accidental) experimentation and edge thrown in. Wearing whatever you want has never been so hot.

”I’m very precise about my style, also about what to wear at home. I favour good quality and long-lasting materials because I want my wardrobe to last long. I try not to wash my clothes too often – washing is really bad for the textile, most of the times you just need to brush them. This has been my favourite home wear for many years. It´s inspired by the 80s heavy metal mullet dudes. The classic combination of black and grey get´s a fresh, updated look with the colourful details.”

(Uploaded by Xberg)

Oscar Wilde once claimed that: “Fashion is what one wears oneself. What is unfashionable is what other people wear,” and it seems that this is truer than ever. Staying in has become the new going out, so it’s only logical that fashion follows suit. Never has there been such freedom in fashion. Kotihousut is all about shaking off those hidebound notions and embracing the new expressive and emancipatory fashion evolution.

Style bloggers are increasingly being acknowledged as bringing fashion to the masses, so is it possible that Rihanna’s recent choice of attire at an LA recording studio was inspired thus? The international R & B star was spotted (in broad daylight) dressed in a hooded, skeleton-print romper suit. Her previous style declaration “I like to put things together in my own way” even sounds like it came straight from the blog.

It wouldn’t be the first time such modest beginnings contributed to the high altar of high fashion. Trends are renowned for being inspired by functional attire. With the countless reworkings and reincarnations of military chic and equestrian chic, is it time to bring a new trend out of the closet and onto the streets, or should we preserve our last remaining sanctuary and just keep this one to ourselves?

Daisey Cheyney