Learning the Finnish they don’t teach in school
David Brown and Mimmu Takalo


English translation:

(literal) Flower Hat Ladies

English equivalent:

do-gooder, busybody

Example of usage:

• Ootsä lukenu taas niitä nettikirjoituksia rasismista?

Mua on alkanu ärsyttää kaikki semmoset kukkahattutädit, jotka kirjottaa, että suvaitsevaisuus on avain kaikkeen ja rakastakaa lähimmäistänne jne!

• Have you been reading these web forum comments about racism? I’m starting to get really sick of the flower hat ladies telling us that tolerance is the key to everything, love thy neighbour and so on!

Ask three Finns what this words means and you’ll probably get three different answers, but what everyone can agree on is that Hyacinth Bouquet is one. Flower hat ladies are the forces of moral righteousness, the kind of people who not only know why violence on TV is bad for you, but will explain why to bus drivers and passengers alike. The term dates back to the 1930s, when the fine, upstanding conservatives of Finland really did wear flower hats, but these days it’s more often used in reference to liberal women of a certain age who are seen as being a little soft-hearted, particularly if they happen to be the Minister of Immigration.