Pre-Xmas parties in full swing

“Pikkujoulut” means the pre-Christmas party of work communities, hobby groups or circles of friends. Everybody is trying to look presentable, until booze proves them wrong, and many intra-squad pressures will be vented by way of aggressive discourse or sexual intercourse.

Measures against slips and falls

“Break a leg” is a great send-off to an actor headed for the stage, less so otherwise. Remember that there is equipment such as studded anti-slip heel pads available to help you avoid slipping and falling on icy streets; good ones are easy to attach and detach and serve their purpose well. At least try and avoid wearing slick-soled shoes when it’s slippery outside.

Pay cuts required for a competitive edge?

Finland has conventionally relied on centralised salary solutions, but some experts reckon that more leeway should be allowed in the future for different industries to agree on salaries and wages on the basis of industry-specific parameters. Small-income employees have not been reported to plan a victory parade.

When will the world end?

Some people were looking into 2012 as the year when the world ends – supposedly based on the ancient Mayan calendar. Some scientists bailed them out by re-interpreting the calendar, but prophets of doom should not give up hope; there are still many glorious weeks left. Those of us looking to wake up in 2013 may want to ponder upon the question, “Why are apocalyptic notions so fascinating to men?”

Don’t let anyone steal the “X” from your Xmas!

No matter what, let’s all try and stay out of that Ebenezer Scrooge pattern during the holidays: don’t paint your tree into a corner so that you can’t dance around it.

Mika Oksanen