“Ibadan, running splash of rust and gold — flung and scattered among the seven hills like a broken China in the sun.” ( J.P. Clark)

Welcome to the ancient city of Ibadan – the gateway to the northern part of Nigeria. Ibadan derived its name from the Yoruba words Eba Odan which literary means, “between the forest and the plains”.

Mountainous and densely populated, Ibadan is a southwestern city in Nigeria and reputed for being the third largest city in Africa. Aside from being the regional political headquarters of Nigeria’s politics and the capital of Oyo state, it is a beautiful metropolitan city inhabited by the warm and culturally rich Yoruba tribe. It is bound by cities, which include the coastal Lagos – a former capital but the commercial nerve centre of Nigeria.

Ibadan is a visitor’s delight and a pace setter in Nigerian and African history. The first ever television station in Africa (WNTV, established in 1959, now known as NTA), the once tallest building in tropical Africa, Cocoa House and the first university in Nigeria are all in Ibadan.

A trip to Captain Bower’s Tower will give one a panoramic view of the city and one can’t miss the presence of the multi-nationals in Ibadan. British Leyland, Heineken’s Nigerian Breweries, the British American tobacco, IITA etc are some of the multi-national companies in Ibadan.

Need I say more about seeing and discovering more about this lovely and one of the largest sub-Saharan African cities? A trip there will convince you!