Fish beware – or just relax?

The high season for ice fishing is unravelling. Besides warm clothing, start-up anglers need a small and light fishing rod and bait, a hand auger and a foldable stool. As the band Wet Willie put it in Country Side of Life: “No matter what fish I get, I only want to rest my mind”. On the lake or sea ice, you can almost hear the winter’s back breaking; just watch out for open water, thin ice or cracks on the ice.

Yearning for something bitter? Try envy

A young woman in the Helsinki region got dismissed from her job at a day-care centre after some parents had complained about her openly sexual blog writing. One does not require a law degree to point this out as a blatant violation of the Non-Discrimination Act. When it’s “between consenting adults”, it’s OK to do it and, if necessary, talk about it – that’s our law.

It wasn’t me, it was the gavel!

False economy part I: A number of cities in Finland have decided to reduce the financing for informal care (omaishoito). A Jyväskylä councilman explained on the TV that “the council was unaware of the nature of the proposal in question when making the decision”. Oops… sounds like some of those guys might need better looking after as well.

Lives wasted getting wasted

False economy part II: If an intoxicated young man walks in and out of a grocery store, every time trying to conceal a can of beer inside his coat, and keeps returning after every thwarted attempt, the question is not “why do they let him loose” but “what could we do to help him straighten things out”. Here are a couple of tips: replace drinking with other activities with someone who has an issue, and don’t buy alcohol for under-aged persons.

A taste of Roman steel

In 44 B.C., Julius Caesar was stabbed to death on the ides of March. As that time is upon us, we can choose to commemorate the emperor by the eponymous salad and, even outside Canada, a couple of Bloody Caesars.

Mika Oksanen