Contrary to what many people assume, Toronto is not the capital of Canada - Ottawa is. Toronto is, however, the largest city in Canada and one of the most culturally diverse places in the world.

As Torontonians (yes, that’s what you may call us) always say, there’s something in it for everyone. And I’m not only talking about maple syrup and a hockey game. When it comes to the important things, like food, I’m quite certain that Toronto can offer whatever you happen to be in the mood for.

The streets of downtown Toronto are arranged in a grid, so it’s easy to get around and it is brimming with restaurants where you can taste cuisines from around the world. Naturally, there are plenty of upscale options with fine dining.

In fact, one of the most famous Toronto sights - the CN Tower, whose height of over 500 metres you can conquer by stairs or elevator - offers an upscale dining experience literally and metaphorically, if you can get a reservation at the restaurant at the top of the tower.

During the summer, visit a rooftop patio and treat yourself to a cocktail. In May, take part in Doors Open Toronto, a weekend when many cultural and historical institutions are open to the public. In September, go to Nuit Blanche - a night when thousands flock to the city centre to see indoor and outdoor art installations, all made by Canadian artists. You can also catch a play, musical, or concert at one of the many theatres and small and large concert venues.

As for design and culture, venture into the Distillery District; a former factory area, and now a design paradise for jewellery, clothing and furniture by Canadian artists. Visit also the Art Gallery of Ontario, designed by Canada’s own Frank Gehry, and the recently-renovated Royal Ontario Museum.

There is an endless array of possibilities in this dynamic and friendly city that plays home to four million Canadians.Perhaps I am biased because it’s my city, but winter or summer, day or night, young or old, Toronto is a place where arts, culture, nightlife, and good food come to life every day, so enjoy it all and come back often!

Tijana Stolic
Photo: Alex6122