July is the main holiday month in Finland

If you are free in July and seem to fail to get things done efficiently, do not worry. All human beings need to recuperate at some point, and in Finland, the most probable month for this is at hand. This is not to say you should drop your tools where you stand; just remember to enjoy some of those passing summer moments before they vanish again.

On ginger beer and other soft drinks

When it starts to swelter, the best thirst quenchers do not necessarily come with a volume percentage of alcohol. The Aussies, for one, have given us that great ginger beer whose name ends with “berg”, and no matter how many you have, you can safely get behind the wheel, with a smile on your face saying “man was that good”!

Who needs mosquito nets anyway

A smartphone video clip showed a squirrel inside a flat, happily nibbling at rye bread on the kitchen counter. That smart animal was able to find its way back out through the same ventilation window it had used to get in. This happened in the Kortepohja district of Jyväskylä.

Kids can show Precambrian dinosaurs how it’s done

When it comes to making the most of a summer day, the younger generations always know better than the older ones. While it may prove too difficult to teach those walking relics how to be cool, at least they can successfully be instructed how to let their hair down for a day. That’s a job that kids master.

City street sounds

What’s that low rumble, a marine diesel? No, it was a Harley rolling by. That whine, it comes from children who did not get a second ice cream, for sure. And why did those Italians sound pretty much like Finns, talking at a distance? You need some language geek to explain it. And who wants to listen to one right now!

Mika Oksanen