Local names have a variety of origins..

Finnish names, like other names around the world, have interesting meanings and origins. The origins mostly vary among Greek, German, English, Estonian and Finnish ones.

In terms of the names with Greek origin, Kari is a male name and shortened from the Greek Christian name Makari, which in turn originates from Greek Makarios which means “happy” or “blissful”. Katariina, a female name, comes originally from the Greek name Aikatherinee, meaning “always pure”. Pekka, a male name, is derived from the old Finnish name Petrus, which in turn comes from the Greek name Petros and means “rock”.

Most popular baby
names in 2012
1. Ella
2. Sofia
3. Emma
4. Aada
5. Aino
6. Venla
7. Helmi
8. Emilia
9. Siiri
10. Sara
1. Onni
2. Elias
3. Eetu
4. Leo
5. Aleksi
6. Niilo
7. Veeti
8. Oliver
9. Joona
10. Eino

For the names with Finnish origins, Uljas is a female name and means “gallant” or “valiant”. Seppo, a male name, comes from the Finnish national epic Kalevala and is an alternative spelling of the word seppä, a smith. Urho is a male name and comes from the Finnish word urhea, which means “courageous”.

There are also some names that have other origins than Finnish and Greek. Kai is a popular name that originates from the Roman first name Caius, which in ancient Latin was pronounced Gaius. Sirja is derived from the Estonian name Sirje, which in turn comes from a traditional poem. Tony, a male name, is originally an English name shortened from Anthony.

Ulla is a female name derived from Ulrika, and Danish and German sources mention Ursula as its root. Pirjo, a female name, originally is from Birgitta, which is an alternate spelling for Brigida, meaning “strength, power and highness”. Brigantia was an Irish goddess of fire and light.

Meanwhile, a total of 96 new names are set to enter the annual calendar of name days in 2015 offereing parents a whole swag of possibilities in future to dub the apple of their eyes.

Banafsheh Ranji