Local company brainstorming the way to global change.

A product of long-term co-operation between the City of Helsinki and Helsinki University, Helsinki Think Company is a meeting place for a new kind of international entrepreneurship and networking where students, researchers and entrepreneurial minds alike can gather to brainstorm, build networks and watch new ideas grow into groundbreaking, world changing innovative initiatives.

As proof of this, the group recently played host to the week-long “Think Africa Week”, where participants were presented with new insights on what is currently happening in the African continent and why it is imperative to take interest in the developing world.

Speakers included the director of the Nordic Africa Institute; Iina Soiri, Member of Parliament and Special Representative of the Foreign Minister of Finland in African crises Pekka Haavisto. Startup-guru and coach at Start Up Sauna Aape Pohjavirta, Docent of African History at the University of Helsinki, Risto Marjomaa, and many more.

But it’s not stopping there. The group aims at hosting many more similar events, hoping to bring about global social and economic change in the process.


Thomas Poole