In 1703 tsar Petr I commanded to build a factory, and call it Petrovskii. Around this factory the city of Petrozavodsk was built and is the capital of Karelia. The city extends along the Onega Lake about 2,177 kilometres; the total area is 113 square kilometres. The population at this moment is 271,000 people, including more than 50 different nationalities, but for the most part Russians and Karelians.

The city is known for a significant amount of industrial factories, such as mechanical, engineering, metal, manufacturing of vehicles and equipment, food, energy and forest industry. Also the Onega tractor plant, Foundry, shipbuilding plant “Avangard”, the Karelian meat-processing plant, Petrozavodsk alcoholic beverage plant, Severyanka Garment factory. The existence of a large number of plants also brings about the city name: Petrozavodsk means a “factory land” when translated from Russian.

In Petrozavodsk, it’s not all industry, however. There are a lot of educational institutions, such as Petrozavodsk State University (which is known as the most prestigious and large university in the north of the country), the Karelian State Pedagogical University, and State Conservatory. More than 40 institutions of general education are successfully functioning in the city.

Since 1998, Petrozavodsk organises the international winter festival every year under the name of “Giperborey’s”, called so in honour of Ancient Greek God of Boreas. Sculptors compete in the skill of creation of figures from snow and ice. Fans of winter swimming and skiers also compete among themselves. Every day it is saturated with events and visitors: exhibitions, festive concerts, conferences and cultural events, which are devoted to life in the north, attract the interest of Russians, as well as the citizens of Europe. The city is interesting not only in winter, but also in summer time.

For music lovers there are numerous summer festivals organised nearby: Vozduh, Ilossaarirock and Woodstock, to name a few. Huge numbers of people descend upon these shows every year, housed in a number of hotels in the city. But the main sightseeing of my city is still Onega lake, which is one of the largest and most beautiful lakes in the world, in my opinion.

Welcome to my city, tourists!

Victoria Kulyabkina