Independence Day Reception hits the road

What do Finland’s Presidential Castle in Helsinki and the Tampere Hall have in common? Surely many things, but currently particularly the fact that the Presidential Reception on 6 December will take place in the latter instead of the former as is usually the case, and the reception programme has been adapted as well.

The cost of “getting to know Southeast Asia”

You need a team of 19 travellers, because if there are fewer, the total cost of the trip – not one cent of which comes from your own pocket – would not soar to 223,513 euros, in which case the cost of the eight bottles of wine reserved for a dinner – totalling 1,680 euros – might look worse. The details were quoted from YLE, but the recipe was masterminded by the big shots at Keva (former Local Government Pensions Institution).

After-thought on the above

“Why, oh why, did I grow up a loser who will never, ever, get so much as one chance to enjoy anything of the sort?”

Country kind of love eclipsing urban urges

New research results by the Family Federation of Finland back up former findings stating that the hustle-bustle and stress associated with urban life tends to deteriorate happiness in relationships, whereas those who live in the country have more time for one another.

How about that friendly word or a pat on the back?

Finally, here is what we found a good quote by a family counsellor in Pori, in an YLE interview: “There are people out there who have been taken over by malice. But you cannot make a mean person kinder by being mean to him or her.” Every day, all of us, we do need a little bit of kindness to carry on and lead happy lives. And there’s no need to wait for the other person to take the initiative.

Mika Oksanen