OFFERING even more quality content in English, Helsinki Times recently signed an agreement with Helsingin Sanomat to cooperate.

Now readers can enjoy selected Helsingin Sanomat articles, translated from Finnish into English, on the Helsinki Times website and in the print edition, published weekly. This cooperation, which includes the use of pictures and graphics, kicked off earlier this month.

As a result of the agreement, the Helsinki Times website has become part of HS.fi, and the titles of English articles feature on the Helsingin Sanomat web page.

“Through the quality journalism of Helsingin Sanomat, we can serve our international readers even better,” states Helsinki Times’ editor-in-chief Alexis Kouros.

Established in 2007, Helsinki Times arrives to newstands around the country each Thursday. Reaching members of the community who desire to have their news available in English, the paper is also available on 350 Finnair flights each week.

Further good news, in addition to this latest development, Kouros recently inked a deal that allows Helsinki Times to publish content from the Washington Post and its affiliates.


James O’Sullivan