Pronounced “kan”, here is a luxurious small town in the south- east of France. Historically being just a fishing village used as a port of call between the Lérins Islands, it has quickly evolved into one of the main tourist destinations today.

I’m not officially “Cannoise” but I lived there for over nine years and I can say that it’s a beautiful place; certainly not a boring city for a fruitful vacation: Culture, history, warm Mediterranean climate, food, beaches, scenery, romantic settings…you can find it all right here.

Located in the south and surrounded by other small neighbouring towns such as Juan Les Pins, Antibes and Nice, among others, here you can expand your excursion discovering colourful architecture and absorb its rich culture.

For a romantic time, hold hands and visit “Le Suquet” which is the old quarter of Cannes and original fisherman’s residential area. Their steep streets were laid out over 400 years ago and as you walk up them, you will end up at the clock tower and church from which you will be hypnotised by a spectacular view over “La Croisette”, the main city’s boulevard displaying luxurious hotels over long and sandy beaches… You can end your evening by having a candlelight dinner at one of the many restaurants located at Rue St Antoine; their menus are certainly pricey, but absolutely worth it.

As for entertainment, Cannes is famous for their annual Cannes International Film Festival that takes place every month of May. This festival was founded in 1946 and quickly became one of the most prestigious and publicised film festivals of the world. The city’s rhythm changes during the festival, giving a sort of international vibe, and makes you feel you might run into a celebrity in a moment’s notice. The boulevard is full of people surrounding the Festival Palace checking out who’s walking on the red carpet, while journalists and photographers are busy at work.

For us who live in Finland, and sometimes feel a desperate need of a warmer climate, Cannes is a perfect choice, an oasis of warm Mediterranean climate; even if we go in the wintertime, the temperature there remains mild and pleasant. As for the locals who crave for cold and snow, they are only a one-hour-drive away from Valberg, a big Winter Sport Tourist station situated in the South Alpes where people go spend their weekends and ski…

As you can see, there’s something for everyone! But here’s a tip: if you happen to go to Cannes your Italian skills will be ironically more appreciated than your English – or better yet, use your French!!!

Valérie Brun