24 May
All around Helsinki

It is soon time for another Siivouspäivä (Cleaning Day), with Helsinki transformed into one big flea market.

The event is a celebration of urban culture as well as an opportunity for citizens to sell their unwanted items on streets, parks, and other public spaces without any rental fee. It is a unique day when Helsinki does not require permit for selling something in public areas, as long as the selling location has been registered on the Siivouspäivä website.

Based on the registrations, a map on the website develops and shows what kind of items are going to be sold and where. Using the map people can then plan their routes around town if they are searching for something specific, for example furniture.

On Siivouspäivä, there are also recycling points provided for example for scrap metal and old electronic devices, and a point for donating unwanted items for charity. The locations and times for these can also be found on the website.

This communal event brings citizens together to enjoy the day out – or in, as it is also possible to have a place of sales in your own home. The main purpose is to be good for the environment, benefit yourself while benefiting others, and result in having a cleaner house.

“In order for us to be able to have Siivouspäivä also in future, it is important that everyone selling their items registers on the website and cleans after themselves,” reminds Pauliina Seppälä, one of the event organisers.

Mari Storpellinen
Image: Tanja Jänicke