Tracking devices make their way to the mainstream.

NOTHING is worse than losing your keys, other than your wallet, than is.

Seeking to make all of this a bygone memory, tech companies have scrambled to come up with tracking devices that can be easily slipped into your wallet, or conveniently hung on your keychain. What makes these really come into their own is their traceability on your smartphone.

Norwegian’s own bSafe, meanwhile, is one the more interesting units on the market. In the case of lost keys, a cell phone application can be utilised to display their direction and distance. Furthermore, if you ever find yourself in trouble, then the Alarm button can be pushed to alert your bSafe friends immediately. Lonely heading out on a stroll? Why not invite friends to join you from wherever they are. Finally, not too happy with the way your blind date is heading? Well, bSafe is on hand with the Fake Call function. Now you have the perfect excuse to weasel out of a bad date or any awkward situation you might find yourself in.

However, given the fact the reliability of Finns and lost property, one can also revisit the scene of the misplacement to discover whether someone has simply hung the missing object on a tree branch nearby.

Alongside the various beanies and mittens that inevitably line various walking tracks through the forests during the year, lost property has a habit of reappearing in the place where it was left.

James O’Sullivan