Learning the Finnish they don’t teach in school

Kalsarikännit (noun)

Literally: “underwear drunk”

Example of usage: “Pysyin kotona ja vedin kalsarikännit.” (“I just stayed home and pulled a kalsarikännit.”)

Less a word than a lifestyle, kalsarikännit describes a day or weekend in which the speaker failed to achieve anything as ambitious as actually getting dressed, and instead subsided into a stupor of watching Dr Phil, eating microwaved makaronilaatikko, and emptying a mäyräkoira (12 pack) of beer.

In certain circumstances the speaker may undertake a 12-hour game of Age of Empire, but should otherwise not move more than three metres from either the sofa, TV or refrigerator.

While those new to the pastime may wish to involve friends, the true aficionado prefers to bask in the glory of his own company without witnesses. Any move to clean the apartment or do laundry must be strictly controlled if one wishes to enjoy the full kalsarikännit experience.

While experts insist that the hobby is safe, mention of it is not recommended on CVs or in job interviews. Kalsarikännit can be used with the verb ottaa (to take) or vetää (to pull).

David Brown with Tarja Jolma