Amorphis got the evening going and delivered a show that as usual pleased the audience, the band very proud to play this special gig on this big stage. Next up were Rival Suns, playing some quite decent rock that would have fit much better to sunny summer weather than the grey drizzle that was welcoming them in Helsinki. It was still a nice show seeing Rival Sons for the first time, and a decent crowd had already gathered – and as a special Helsinki feature, the seagulls were having an airborne circle pit.

By the time Opeth were set to play, the beer area was very crowded, the audience a sea of disposable and proper raincoats of every color. Opeth were the last warm-up band of the night if you can call a band that has had a successful 26-year long career of their own a warm-up. But then, with a band like Black Sabbath that has been around for nearly five decades this still seems like a short time. Singer and guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldt was bantering with the audience in between songs as usual, and they played a mix of newer songs and older classics like The Grand Conjuration of the ‘Ghost Reveries’ album.

Amorphis, Rival Suns and Opeth warmed up for Black Sabbath who played their last show in Finland as part of their The End tour at Monsters of Rock in a sold out Kaisaniemi park in front of 20 000 people.


But it was clear that everyone was waiting for the grand finale, Black Sabbath. And while the setlist was already known more or less from previous shows of The End-tour it was nonetheless exciting, exhilarating and just amazing to see this band live for the first time, and finally hearing these songs that opened the door to a whole new musical world over 15 years ago live. When Black Sabbath got on stage the audience’s anticipation burst into welcoming shouts, and the already right rows closed a bit further as everyone wanted to get as close as possible.

Black Sabbath sounded good and seemed to enjoy playing – even the rain had stopped. A truly special feeling to sing along to legendary classics like Black Sabbath, Iron Man and War Pigs. From teenage kids to people closer to the age of the band members themselves, everyone was united that evening in enjoying this experience as much as possible as it most likely was be the last chance to do so. Black Sabbath also played gems such as Fairies Wear Boots, NIB and Hand Of Doom – leaving smiles on glowing faces all around. But even The End had to come to an end and to no one’s surprise the final chapter was called Paranoid. A worthy end.

PHOTO:Live Nation Finland / Lasse Arkela.