While Nokia hopes to rival Apple’s domination in design with its new Lumia phone – which aims to win the approval of the masses with cutting-edge design – a trend has emerged that seems to be nodding towards a wholly different temporal direction.

Fashion is a sector of very few winds, meaning that it has to bring back the past every now and then. Be it called vintage or retro, we all love to reminisce about all things old, however garish and uncomfortable they may look and feel like.

Local publication switches off the presses.

When the Finnish government imposed value added tax on magazine subscriptions beginning from this year, media houses were concerned about the future, given the expectable drop in subscription income. There is grotesque life irony, however, in that the first casualty should be a publication that is handed out free of charge – not your typical VAT bait per se.

The woman behind the voice, Eija Ahlberg

Who is that announcing your arrival to the next station?

Most of us have heard her voice, but just who is the woman coming from the speakers on the trains in Finland? 52-year-old Eija Ahlberg is married and has one daughter and lives in Vartiokylä, Helsinki. And if you want to know even more about her – please continue reading.

Owning a dog might just be the key to intiating social interaction.

A word of warning: animals are not things. Do not ever consider getting a pet if you cannot provide it with love, care and a life-long commitment.

Finns are not considered outgoing or chatty, but they have one weakness that melts their hearts and opens their souls: dogs. A fluffy puppy can be a key to integrate with your reserved, Nordic community.

IN FINLAND, Valentine’s Day is a relatively discreet occasion. Unlike its Anglo-Saxon cousin, the Finnish ystävänpäivä is more generally about celebrating friendships, rather than being a day just for lovers. Nevertheless, the overabundance of pink hearts and factory-made confessions of love (in the form of Valentine’s Day cards) that go with the original V-Day are enough to turn off just about anyone.