This ancient grain of the Incas is native to South America and grows in high altitude on the snow-capped Andes. The wonder grain was regarded as sacred by the Incas, who called it chisaya mama or “mother of all grains,” and by custom the first seed of the year was planted by the Inca emperor with golden implements. The grain kept the warriors of the ancient peoples going strong for thousands of years – until the arrival of the Spanish that is, when the grain experienced a 400-year decline in production and was cultivated only in remote locations for local consumption.

queenPOWWER is an abbreviation of the words proud of who we are and the name of the intercultural organisation which aims to promote empowerment and individuality. POWWER offers a wide range of cultural events and workshops, as well as a forum for discussion.

skiAS FAR AS quintessential winter pursuits go, cross-country skiing lies near the top of the list, somewhere between skinny-dipping in icy water and staying indoors with a nice cup of cocoa.