SO, you have arrived here in Finland. You’ve also gotten over the shock that summer has already ended, just as it was beginning to cook up nicely. You’ve come to love the quiet, all unnecessary small talk now eradicated from your social portfolio. Heck, you have even swallowed hard to accept the fact that the textbook Finnish you have been studying so hard during your Finnish course actually has little relevance to the spoken parlance on the street.

Formerly deserted land by the sea located north of Hurghada, El Gouna not only hosts various hotels, it has many town-like features such a hospital, residential areas and schools. El Gouna’s architecture is quite unique, combining both modern and traditional oriental designs to bungalow-styled honeymoon suites by the lagoon. Most areas have an exquisite sea or lagoon view.

Are foreign men really in high demand in Finland?

A recent report in Helsingin Sanomat and Helsinki Times stated that many Finnish women are on the lookout specifically for foreign men.

Drawing on the achievements of a certain Todd, this Australian engineer boasted a notch on his bedpost for almost all of the nine weeks he was here on a recent work trip. Lucky for him, sure, but is this truly a phenomenon?

Tracking devices make their way to the mainstream.

NOTHING is worse than losing your keys, other than your wallet, than is.

Seeking to make all of this a bygone memory, tech companies have scrambled to come up with tracking devices that can be easily slipped into your wallet, or conveniently hung on your keychain. What makes these really come into their own is their traceability on your smartphone.

“How was your summer?”…oh that dreaded question. No doubt most of us have returned to work and the golden days of heat and light seem far, far away. But let’s cast our memories back to the not so distant past and recall – but not quite put a cap on – Helsinki, Summer Edition v.2014.