AS banks shut down their quieter branches, the same time they are forcefully boosting their e-services provision. Take Danske Bank’s MobilePay, for example: with it, you can transmit money with your mobile phone just by signing in on the app, keying in the sum and the recipient’s phone number and clicking on Send.

Our Supreme Administrative Court recently ruled that the Finnish Cannabis Association’s application for official registration cannot be rejected on the grounds of the association acting, as the Finnish Associations Act words it, “against good conduct” – this had been the fate of the previous such application in the 1990s.

At the turn of the year, postal prices increased in Finland. For example, it now costs 90 cents to send a 2nd class letter, so the price is up by 20 per cent from last year. Itella, the service provider, has quoted declining service use as the reason for increasing prices.

And so, doesn’t the price rise only accelerate the decline in the use of conventional mail?

Pronounced “kan”, here is a luxurious small town in the south- east of France. Historically being just a fishing village used as a port of call between the Lérins Islands, it has quickly evolved into one of the main tourist destinations today.

I’m not officially “Cannoise” but I lived there for over nine years and I can say that it’s a beautiful place; certainly not a boring city for a fruitful vacation: Culture, history, warm Mediterranean climate, food, beaches, scenery, romantic settings…you can find it all right here.

OFFERING even more quality content in English, Helsinki Times recently signed an agreement with Helsingin Sanomat to cooperate.

Now readers can enjoy selected Helsingin Sanomat articles, translated from Finnish into English, on the Helsinki Times website and in the print edition, published weekly. This cooperation, which includes the use of pictures and graphics, kicked off earlier this month.