Contrary to what many people assume, Toronto is not the capital of Canada - Ottawa is. Toronto is, however, the largest city in Canada and one of the most culturally diverse places in the world.

As Torontonians (yes, that’s what you may call us) always say, there’s something in it for everyone. And I’m not only talking about maple syrup and a hockey game. When it comes to the important things, like food, I’m quite certain that Toronto can offer whatever you happen to be in the mood for.

The EU’s decision to ban cosmetics with ingredients tested on animals is the latest development in the animal rights’ debate.

The European Cosmetic and Toiletries industry – which is worth more than 70 billion euro – will now have to follow new guidelines in regard of animal testing. Experiments like skin and eye irritation tests, and “lethal dose” tests, had usually been performed on mice, rats, rabbits and guinea pigs, in order to test various cosmetic products.

The traditions of the authentic Finnish sauna are fostered by a dedicated association.

IS THERE anything that defines Finnishness more than sauna? The two other “big Ss” – sisu and salmiakki – may come close, but the place that the steam bath holds within the Finnish cultural identity is undisputable. For an indication of this, just take the documentary Steam of Life (“Miesten vuoro”), which in 2010 won the hearts of the public (along with a range of awards).

SIXDEGREES is always interested in knowing more about its audience and their reading habits. A recently conducted reader survey gave some clues into just who an average SixDegrees reader might be.


If the whole readership of SixDegrees were condensed into one person, the resulting reader would be a 34.6 year-old guy (51 per cent of readers are men), who would likely be a resident of the capital region (where 72 per cent of readers live). It’s probable that he has moved onto working life (67 per cent of readers work full or part time), but there is also a chance of him being a student (30 per cent).

I have loved my city for the very long time. And when you love something, you are jealous every time someone falls in love with your beloved one. This is why I always envy persons visiting St Petersburg for the very first time. When you live in a city ranked one of the world’s most beautiful by National Geographic, whether drinking coffee overlooking a view of places with a world-changing historical overtone or just coming everyday along the same route that your favourite character has traversed, the moment of the ‘first touch’ shades away.