We have all seen some news about problems caused by quick loans in this country, but if you happen to have a steady income it is likely that you have never actually taken one. Firstly, what is a quick loan?

Also known as a payday loan (or pikavippi in Finnish) it is a smaller sum of money –usually between 50 and 3,000 euros – put on your account almost instantly by one of the over 80 quick credit companies in Finland. So, how does a quick loan differ from a regular loan?

Azonto, a style of dance that comes from Ghana, is gaining worldwide attention. With new club nights dedicated to urban African music around the globe, the dance craze is tipped to be landing soon in a major way also in Finland.

Fish beware – or just relax?

The high season for ice fishing is unravelling. Besides warm clothing, start-up anglers need a small and light fishing rod and bait, a hand auger and a foldable stool. As the band Wet Willie put it in Country Side of Life: “No matter what fish I get, I only want to rest my mind”. On the lake or sea ice, you can almost hear the winter’s back breaking; just watch out for open water, thin ice or cracks on the ice.

My town, birthplace of Wikileaks Editor-in-chief Julian Assange, shares its name with the home of the Powerpuff Girls and is synonymous with humidity. I get odd looks when I mention Townsville – it’s like naming a place Citytown. Don’t fret! Reason prevails as the port on Australia’s north-east coast was named after founder Robert Towns: Towns’ ville – Townsville.

What’s on around the country this year?

WELL, once again we find ourselves staring down the start of a year. Some of us may have already watched helplessly as our New Year’s resolutions have faded from view, the snow is taunting newcomers to the country as it piles up nicely around the country and preparation of summer plans for many are in full swing.