Those of us who were Stateside, more precisely the Big Apple, in the early part of October and paid a visit to the esteemed Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) may have experienced somewhat of a shock to learn that they were able to eat a typical Finnish school meal for lunch there!

The lunch-time event was part of the MoMa’s Century of the Child: Growing by Design 1900-2000 exhibition, which took a look at the relationship between children and modern design through things like toys and books, and also food. Finland was the world’s first country to regulate the serving of warm meals in schools, beginning in 1948.

Paging the new way to get their attention.

As great as restaurant waiters usually are, they sometimes have the tendency of appearing at the wrong moments; you’re ready to order the very second you ask for some more time to ponder the menu, they ask if everything’s okay when you have a mouth filled with food and when you’re ready to pay they are nowhere to be seen. Fortunately, these situations may be gone in the future, as the “waiter call button” has now made its way to Helsinki. Restaurant Korea House, founded in 2005 as the first and – according to some – the only Korean restaurant in town, has lately brought call buttons to their tables.

There was certain scepticism from the general public when, on the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, a replica of the ill-fated vessel was announced. With its reconstruction well on its way, Titanic II is an Australian project that needs approval to continue from Finland. If all goes well her maiden voyage will be in 2016.

My city is more average than special. It is neither a capital, nor is it located at the beach or a well-known travelers’ destination. Nevertheless Mülheim an der Ruhr is one of the nicest places I have seen so far.

It won’t take long before you realise how great it is to live there. The river, to which the city owes its name, offers you the chance to spend unforgettable summer evenings even if the sea might be far away. You can enjoy a nice and cosy small town air in the middle of something like a spread-out Berlin.